Chamber Square - 2019

Posted on May 18, 2019 at 9:00 AM

Linger for Longer

30 May - 30 August 2019,
County Library, Tallaght, Dublin 24

Co-Curator: Andrew (Sid) Siddall, Mirjam Keune
Artists Curators: Shane Keeling, Peter Slyman
Co-Curator: Jennifer Webster
Participating Schools/Groups:Deansrath Community College, St. Marks Community School and Priory Youth Reach

Creative Campus ’19 artists and curators are based in County Library, Tallaght and this year our creative exploration is the interface between the interior of the library and the exterior of Chamber Square.
We are investigating and exploring the interior/exterior spaces and the possible interfaces between them. Using location mapping and spatial programming, our artists are seeking to understand the existing spaces. Through analysis, exploration, research and testing they will propose a series of interventions.

Creative Campus ’19 artists will create and exhibit public solutions and suggestions to the space.

Exhibition Opening: Wednesday 29 May 2019 @ 6pm, County Library, Tallaght


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